About Your Defined Contribution Plan

In your Defined Contribution Plan, you pick how your money will be invested for retirement. The plan offers you a number of investment options.

It’s important to understand how your Defined Contribution Plan works so you can take full advantage of the benefits it provides. The Defined Contribution Plan Features and Highlights is a great place to start.


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Key actions

Finish Setting Up Your Online Account

You need to register your online account with the third-party administrator of the plan, Empower Retirement. 

When you were hired, your employer provided information to us so that we could begin transferring both your and your employer’s retirement contributions into your investment account. We then provided information to Empower Retirement so that they could begin setting up an online account for you. The set up isn’t complete until you register your online account. Your online account is where you can name your beneficiaries and choose your investments.

Pick Your Investments

The State Employees’ Retirement Board selected a range of investment options for you to choose from. Each option is detailed in fund fact sheets. You can transfer money between investment options (subject to plan rules) and change how your contributions are invested at any time through your online Empower Retirement account. You also can roll over balances from your other eligible plans into your SERS defined contribution plan.

Name Your Beneficiary

Your Defined Contribution Plan allows you to designate or change your beneficiary online. Sign into your account and select the My Beneficiaries page.

Keep in mind that if you contribute to more than one SERS retirement plan (for instance as a Hybrid Plan member contributing to both a SERS pension and your Defined Contribution Plan), you need to file a separate beneficiary form instructing how the assets from each plan are to be distributed after your death. Without a beneficiary form on file for each individual plan, the assets from that plan may go to your estate and result in estate taxes.

Transfer Money Into Your Account/Direct Rollovers

Consolidate your assets into one easy-to-manage view. To roll in assets from a previous retirement account, sign into your account and click on your plan listed under Total account balance. Scroll down to Plan Information and click on Consolidate accounts. You are encouraged to discuss rolling money from one account to another with your financial advisor/planner and to consider any potential fees and/or limitations of available investment options.

Update Your Personal Information

To change your personal information online, sign into your online account.

Request A Withdrawal From Your Account

To request a withdrawal from your Defined Contribution Plan account, submit a properly completed withdrawal form.



There currently are no recordkeeping or administrative fees -- the commonwealth is covering those fees during the plan start-up period. Each investment option has its own fees, which are detailed in fund fact sheets. Additional services are available for additional fees, as explained in the Defined Contribution Plan Features and Highlights.