SERS Webinars

Our webinars provide on-demand access to a wide-range of retirement and investment topics that can have a big impact on your retirement security. Clicking on any of the webinar links will automatically launch the video.

New Member Video

While this video explains the retirement plan options available to most new SERS members, it doesn’t apply to those hired into certain hazardous duty law enforcement or security positions.   

Most new members have 45 days to choose to stay in the default Hybrid Plan option or switch to one of the other two options. This video walks you through all three of your retirement plan options, describing the Hybrid Plan and the two Hybrid Plan options, and the straight Defined Contribution Plan option. It explains the difference between a pension and personal investment account, and how both are funded.

Upcoming Investing in Retirement Webinar Series

Navigating Retirement with your Deferred Comp Plan
Is inflation impacting your monthly income? Have you thought about how to spend down your Deferred Comp assets or how to keep your Empower account secure? Learn about investing in retirement and the valuable tools and resources you can access as a SERS/Empower Deferred Comp Participant. Register Today

Empower is hosting the following information sessions:

February 21, 2024 at 10:00 am
May 1, 2024 at 10:00 am
August 7, 2024 at 10:00 am
November 5, 2024 at 10:00 am

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If you have any questions about your SERS retirement plan before our session, deferred compensation specialists are here to assist.

Defined Benefit Plan Webinars
The Your Pension and You video series is for active members in the Defined Benefit Plan who are nearing retirement. Videos in this series include:

Introduction to your class of service and how your pension is calculated
Learn when you qualify for a pension that is not reduced for early retirement and how your monthly pension payment will be calculated.

Decisions you will make at retirement
Details two key decisions that you will make at retirement regarding the contributions you’ve made toward your SERS pension and which monthly payment option you want.

Timeline for the year before you retire and beyond
Provides a timeline of pension-related activities during the year leading up to your planned retirement date and some key things you can expect from SERS after that date.

Deferred Compensation Plan Webinars

Leave Payout Contribution Process
When you retire, you may receive a payout of your unused sick and annual leave. This webinar explains how to contribute that payout to your SERS Deferred Compensation Plan account. (see also: Leave Payout Contribution Handout | Leave Payout Form)

Rolling in your assets
Learn some of the key benefits of participating in the Deferred Compensation Plan and the types of rollovers you can make into a deferred comp account. You’ll also learn how to roll any leave payout and lump sum withdrawal from your SERS pension into your deferred comp account. This video is targeted to active SERS members who are working for an employer that participates with the Deferred Compensation Plan.

Connecting to your future
Learn more about the support from the third-party administrator of the Deferred Compensation Plan, online access, and educational resources that are available to you.

Boost your savings
View this webinar to learn more about increasing your savings and how it relates to your retirement.

Investing basics
Learn the fundamentals of investing to maximize your financial portfolio for your retirement needs.