Management Directives

There are a number of SERS-specific management directives issued for employers under the Governor's jurisdiction; they provide a good outline of our common practices and expectations for all employers.

In addition, a number of directives in the financial management and the employee development and utilization series contain SERS-related requirements.

SERS-Specific Directives

570.1 Mandatory Membership in the State Employees' Retirement System

570.5 Employer Contributions Required on the Purchase of Previously Uncredited State Service

570.6 Optional Membership in State Employees' Retirement System

570.8 Reinstatement of Terminated Employees into the State Employees' Retirement System

570.9 Reinstatement of Furloughed or Otherwise Terminated and Reemployed Employees in the State Employees' Retirement System

570.11 Amending Data in Retirement and Personnel/Payroll Systems and Collecting Arrears Balances

570.12 Furloughed State Employees Retirement System Members' Right to Earn Interest on Member Contributions

570.13 State Employees' Retirement System, Regional Counseling Centers

570.14 Deferred Compensation Program

570.15 Reporting Potential Public Employee Pension Forfeiture Crimes to the State Employees' Retirement System

570.16 State Employees' Retirement System, Duties of Departments and Agencies

Examples of Directives with SERS-Related Requirements

315.8 Restitution of Overpayments

515.2 Transfer of Employees from One Agency to Another

515.20 Reemployment of Commonwealth Annuitants

530.24 Retired Employee Health Program Eligibility Requirements