Right To Know

The State Employees' Retirement System strongly supports our members' and Pennsylvania citizens' right-to-know, in detail, how their government conducts business on their behalf.

When we receive a request for information related to SERS activities, we make every effort to determine if the requested record is public and if we have possession, custody, or control of it. We respond as promptly as possible based on the circumstances of the request and the requirements of the law.

Already Public Information

A wealth of up-to-date SERS-specific information is already available in our annual valuations, supplemental budget information, comprehensive annual financial reports, and proxy voting database.

Some SERS information is also available along with overall commonwealth spending, revenue, and employee data at PennWatch. A host of state contracting information - including SERS - is available online through the Department of Treasury's e-Library and the Department of General Services' e-Marketplace.

Submit a Request

We accept right-to-know requests for SERS-related information via mail, fax, e-mail and hand delivery between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on any regular business day. Requests should be directed to:


SERS Open-Records Officer
30 North 3rd Street, Suite 150
Harrisburg, PA 17101-1716


SERS Open-Records Officer

Hand Delivery

SERS Open-Records Officer
30 North 3rd Street
First Floor Receptionist
Harrisburg, PA


Right-to-Know E-mail Form

If you submit a request online, you will receive an automated message acknowledging receipt of your request. If you do not receive such a message, please call us at 717.787.9657. Please do not send sensitive personal, financial, or account information by e-mail.

You should be aware that any request you submit and SERS response are likely to be considered public records, subject to disclosure under the right-to-know law.

You are welcome to read our entire right-to-know policy.

Office of Open Records

If you'd like to learn more about Pennsylvania's right-to-know law or appeal an agency's response to your request, you are encouraged to contact:

Pennsylvania Office of Open Records 
Commonwealth Keystone Building 
400 North Street, Plaza Level 
Harrisburg, PA 17120 
Phone: 717.346.9903
Fax: 717.425.5343