SERS News Room

SERS Snapshot

A fact sheet that includes up-to-date information on the number of SERS members, benefits, contributions, funded status, and more.

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Benefit Payment Map

A graphic detailing the total annual retirement benefits paid to residents in each Pennsylvania county and out of state.

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Financial Highlights

A brief presentation that covers both the defined benefit plan and the deferred compensation program. Includes changes in net position, contributions, balances, returns, etc.

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

A lengthy, detailed report that provides SERS' audited financial statements and a wealth of information about the fund's holdings, asset allocations, returns, investment managers, fees, and other data; published by June 30 of each year.

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Actuarial Reports

A thorough analysis prepared each year by SERS' independent actuary that provides detailed data about SERS' current membership, explains assumptions underlying our pension system's calculations, projects future cash flow, and reports our liabilities and funded status.

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Investigations of Actuarial Experience

An in-depth report prepared every five years by SERS' independent actuary which documents, analyzes, and checks the system's assumptions against the actual patterns of service, compensation, employment, mortality and other factors specific to SERS members during the preceding five years.

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Supplemental Budget Information

A preliminary, unaudited report prepared early each year prior to the completion of our annual independent audit and financial statements that provides information on SERS members, investment professionals, and operations as part of the General Assembly's budgeting process.

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Strategic Investment Plan

A two-year, board-approved plan that describes our investment program's strategy, structure, and implementation, and establishes a strategic asset allocation.

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