Benefit Plan

Provides you with a pension or guaranteed monthly payments for life.
Available to employees hired before 1/1/19 and hired into certain law enforcement and security positions after that date.

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Contribution Plan

Provides you with the option
to choose your own investments
and assume the risk.
Available to most employees
hired after 1/1/19.

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Provides you with a combined retirement benefit, which includes a pension and investment plan.
Default retirement plan for most employees hired after 1/1/19.

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Compensation Plan

Provides you with a voluntary supplemental investment
plan with tax deferred savings.
Available to most active employees.

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Welcome to SERS

Established in 1923, the Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System is one of the nation's oldest and largest statewide retirement plans for public employees. We are proud to serve you and thank you for your work to make Pennsylvania great.

New members can use this website to learn about your retirement benefit, particularly some choices you need to make when you're first hired. Active members can run estimates to see how your retirement benefit grows as your years of service and salary change. Members who are getting ready to retire can read about payment options and get a check list for your counseling session. Retired members can get duplicate tax forms and click through to the Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund - the PEBTF - for more about your health care.

SERS Member Handbook
Online Calculators

Online Calculators

Estimate your future retirement benefit or the federal tax withholding from your current annuity.

Online Calculators

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Contact SERS

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Latest News

SERS Executive Director and CIO Provided Testimony Before Pension Review Committee
Yesterday, SERS Executive Director Terri Sanchez and SERS Chief Investment Officer Bryan Lewis testified before the Public Pension Management and Asset Investment Review Commission in Harrisburg regarding the system's operations, cost saving initiatives, and proposed legislative assistance to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs for the system.

"We offered a number of positive, workable suggestions to ensure the ongoing health and integrity of the system, explained SERS Executive Director Terri Sanchez." These included suggestions to help us streamline administrative functions and increase capabilities to allow us to continue with the cost-saving improvements that are already underway, and to add specialized staff in the investment and investment accounting areas that will help us to improve our investment and financial operations and audit capabilities. Most importantly, we requested the Governor and General Assembly to consider enacting a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing payment of actuarially required contributions to the pension funds on an ongoing basis (as has been done for the past three  years).

"We look forward to working with the Governor and the General Assembly to review and discuss whatever suggestions and proposals the Pension Fund Review Commission and its consultants present."

PA SERS Board Moves to Establish Independent Legal Office
Approves $660 Million in Investments

The board of the Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System today moved to establish an independent legal office and approved $660 million in investments.

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SERS Corrects Inaccurate Radio Mention
This morning on his WHP radio program, RJ Harris spoke at length about the recent purchase of the former Patriot-News building by a Pennsylvania retirement system. Mr. Harris incorrectly identified that retirement system as the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS). For purposes of clarification, the transaction was made by the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS). SERS is not involved in any way in that real estate transaction.

PA SERS Board Approves Policies for Governance ManualĀ 
Approves Investment Policy for Soon-to-Launch Defined Contribution Plan, Invests $175 Million in New Investments, Announces Investment Performance

The board of the Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System, during its meeting today, approved several key policies for a comprehensive governance manual, and approved the investment policy and default investment option for the defined contribution plan to launch in 2019.

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