Online Calculators

The most accurate way to estimate your SERS pension is to contact your pension plan specialist. If you are within two years of retirement or if you are seriously considering your retirement, please call 1.800.633.5461.

Custom SERS Pension Benefit Calculator

The next best way to estimate your pension is to create an account with SERS online member services. In addition to being able to review and download account statements, you gain access to a custom calculator that pulls information from SERS' database and allows you to estimate possible benefits under various scenarios.

Generic SERS Pension Benefit Calculator

This calculator allows you to manually enter information to produce very rough estimates based on SERS' most basic pension formula: final average salary x years of service x class of service multiplier x 2%. It does not make any adjustments for different classes of service or special circumstances. Estimate outcomes may vary dramatically from actual experience based on accuracy of data inputs.

New Member Plan Comparison Calculator

If you are a new SERS member, you have 45 days to choose one of three retirement plan options. This calculator will estimate retirement benefits for all three options to help you better understand them.  

Retirement and Financial Planners

Empower Retirement contracts with SERS to offer the deferred compensation plan. As part of their services, Empower Retirement offers online retirement and financial planner tools free to SERS members. These do not include SERS pension information but may be useful general tools.