Job Posting
PA State Employees Retirement System
Department: 70-State Employees' Ret Sys
Organization: 702200-Sr Bur Of Mbr Srvs
Job Code/Title: 95503-Retirement Technician Supervisor - SERS Only
Position Number: 60608
Announcement Number:
County: Dauphin
Work Location: PA State Employees' Retirement System
30 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Type of Job: Civil Service
Bargaining Unit: A2
Seniority Unit: State Employes Retirement System Headquarters
Type Position: Permanent / Full Time
Salary Range: $41,135 - $62,533
Pay Schedule / Range: ST / ST06
Posting Length: 10 days
Posting Dates: 2/28/2017 - 3/9/2017
Contact Number: (717)237-0242 or
Applicants must currently be employed by the State Employees' Retirement System.

Hours: A work schedule beginning and ending between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. inclusive with a half hour or hour lunch will be considered dependent on operational requirements. The requested work schedule may not end prior to 4:00 p.m.

Supervisor: Wendy DeYulis

Supervises a staff of Retirement Technicians involved in the processing and maintenance of retirement account health insurance records.

Provides guidance to staff in the interpretation and communication of the provisions of the REHP.

Oversees the coordination of payroll deductions and transactions for health insurance coverage with external agencies.

Maintains procedures for regional counseling centers to enroll members and ACT 183 survivor spouses in REHP.

Prepares correspondence to non-routine inquiries from annuitants, legislatures, PEBTF, etc.

Resolves retiree health benefit account issues for unique, non-routine, or sensitive situations.

Develops and suggests policy changes and procedures to minimize discrepancies reported by the PEBTF, Medicare (CMS), and OA.

Collaborates with the SERS Office of Information Technology on modifications to SERIS that become necessary as a result of policy, legislative, or administrative changes.

Provides recommendations on new retirement health insurance applications.

Investigates system issues impacting modules used in the maintenance of REHP records.

Drafts procedures and processes for support system continuity and enhancement. Develops office methods and procedures to facilitate and improve workflow.

Works with SERS legal counsel as REHP technical consultant in selected litigation.

Drafts REHP information and spotlight articles for posting to the SERS internet site.

Reviews the annual publication of the Guide for Retiring Members and provides input on REHP related content.

Develops REHP training materials.

Conducts training on topics of expertise, including calculations, processing, and health insurance coverage.


Provides one-on-one health insurance benefit counseling services to members and their dependents, system wide, via informal visitations, phone, e-mail, and correspondence.

Processes retired member coverage changes.

Monitors the accuracy and completeness of REHP forms prior to processing the forms to PEBTF and identifies training or performance deficiencies in documents processed by regional counseling centers to the bureau assistant director.

Establishes member health insurance profiles including member share of premium deductions to ensure correct application through SERS systems.

Calculates debts and refunds for health insurance premiums, and adjusts deductions from members' annuity checks accordingly. Reports changes to agency, PEBTF, treasury auditors, and Office of Finance and Administration.

Reviews and approves survivor spouse continuation applications for coverage to include establishing and modifying premium deductions and billing information.

Prepares documentation to enroll Medicare eligible members into proper plan.

Mediates disputes of coverage on behalf of the retiree with the PEBTF and Medicare.

Conducts audits of data and information to reconcile profiles of members between SERS and outside entities.

Serves as liaison with the PEBTF, contractual MHMO's and MPPO's, the benefits and financial divisions of the Senate, State System of Higher Education (SSHE), House of Representatives, Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), Turnpike Commission, PA State Police and the Judiciary.

Reviews records to determine impacted population when policy modifications are considered or implemented.

Identifies problems in coverage and resolution procedures.

Conducts detailed research on a case-by-case basis using internal information resources as well as external providers for resolution of coverage issues or claims disputes. Establishes appropriate financial arrangements and provides detailed explanations to all parties including the affected member.

Edits coverage codes on reference tables as needed in SERIS.

Performs the full range of supervisor duties.

Participates in the performance of subordinates' work consistent with operational or organizational requirements.

Performs related duties as required.
Essential Functions:
1. Supervises
2. Manages day-to-day REHP administration activities
3. Interprets REHP provisions and applies appropriately
4. Evaluates and addresses unique, non-routine, or sensitive REHP situations
5. Provides one on one health insurance benefit counseling
6. Processes REHP enrollments and changes
7. Identifies and resolves coverage issues
8. Communicates effectively, oral and written
Last Date Job Applications Will Be Accepted: Thursday, March 9, 2017


Recruitment Method(s):

Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:

  • Promotion Without Examination
  • Reassignment
  • Voluntary Demotion
Eligibility - all candidates
  1. Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: One year of experience as a Retirement Technician; or An Associate Degree and one year of technical experience in a pension system or related occupational area applying mathematical formulas and principles; or Three years of experience in technical work in a pension system or related occupational area, which includes two years of experience applying mathematical formulas and principles; or An equivalent combination of education, experience, and training which includes two years of experience applying mathematical formulas and principles in a pension system or related occupational area.

  2. Be a resident of Pennsylvania.

  3. Be eligible for selection in accordance with Civil Service rules.

    The below organization and or location restrictions apply only to the following recruitment options:

    • Reassignment
    • Voluntary Demotion

    Organization and/or location restrictions

  4. Be currently employed in the following Organization(s):
    • Any Organization within Dept. of State Employees' Ret Sys Only

  5. In one of the following Area(s):
Eligibility - Competitive Promotion Without Examination Only


  1. Have held regular civil service status in one of the following classifications:
    • Legal Assistant 2
    • Clerical Supervisor 2
    • Retirement Technician
    • Fiscal Technician
    • Administrative Assistant 1

    IMPORTANT: To be considered for this vacancy, all applicants must meet the minimum experience and training requirements, including individuals holding job titles listed as next lower class under the promotion without exam option.


  2. Be currently employed in the following Organization(s):
    • Any Organization within Dept. of State Employees' Ret Sys Only

  3. In one of the following Area(s):

    Selection Criteria

  4. Minimum experience and training required for the job.
  5. Meritorious service; defined as (a) the absence of any discipline above the level of written reprimand during the 12 months preceding the closing date of the posting, and (b) the last due overall regular or probationary performance evaluation was satisfactory or higher.
  6. Seniority, defined as a minimum of one year(s) in the next lower class(es) by the posting closing date of 3/9/2017.

    Application Instructions

  7. Interested qualified applicants must submit all requested materials as specified in the "How To Apply Section". Failure to comply with the above application requirements will eliminate you from consideration for this position. Send completed application materials to the address listed in "How To Apply" section.

  8. Additional information may be obtained by calling: (717)237-0242

    This section is issued for compliance with Management Directive 580.19, Promotion in the Classified Service without Examination.

How to apply - all candidates:

The following materials must be mailed and postmarked on or before Thursday, March 9, 2017:

  1. Completed Civil Service Application (0.40 MB)
  2. Most recent Employee Performance Review or indicate that one is not available
  3. SERS Bid Form
  4. Voluntary Demotion only: written memo/letter indicating you will accept the appropriate reduction in pay

    You can track the status of current SERS openings from the Jobs page of the SERS website.

If interested in applying by mail, please send above specified materials to:

        Mail: PA State Employees' Retirement System
        ATTN: HR/Recruitment
        30 North Third Street, Suite 150
        Harrisburg, PA 17101
        Fax: ATTN: SERS-HR at 717.783.0581
        We currently DO NOT accept bid packets via email.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity employer.