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Applications Developer 2

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.
SALARY: $54,690.00 - $83,052.00 Annually
JOB TYPE: Civil Service Permanent Full-Time
DEPARTMENT: State Employees' Retirement System
LOCATION: Dauphin County
OPENING DATE: 06/14/17
CLOSING DATE: 06/28/17 11:59 PM
JOB CODE: 01522
BUREAU/DIVISION: Applications Division
WORKSITE ADDRESS: 30 North Third Street
CITY: Harrisburg, PA
ZIP CODE: 17101
CONTACT NAME: Katie Mathews
CONTACT PHONE: 717.783.8085

  • Work Hours: 
    • 1 hour lunch options:  7:30-4:00, 7:45-4:15, or 8:00-4:30
    • 1/2 hour lunch options:  8:00-4:00, 8:15-4:15, or 8:30-4:30
  • Salary:  Amounts shown are as of July 1, 2017
  • Supervisor:  Andrey Kravets
  • Seniority: This vacancy is subject to the seniority provisions of the AFSCME Master Agreement.  Information Technology Generalists 1 must be performing work in the application development field in order to be considered for seniority promotion.

The incumbent of this position serves as an applications developer in support of web based applications, and for projects resulting from the SERS Strategic Technology Plan. The employee may perform all stages of the Systems Development Life Cycle from identification of a systems analysis problem to a completed computer application.
  1. Develops using web technologies, Oracle APEX, .NET
  2. Applies knowledge of Database Technologies, PL-SQL and T-SQL in performance of tasks
  3. Applies knowledge of scripting and reporting technologies, Shell, BI Publisher and Oracle Reports in performance of tasks
  4. Works with batch processing systems
  5. Prepares management and informational reports
  6. Prepares user documentation
  7. Applies knowledge of computer logic in completion of tasks
  8. Communicates with systems' users
  9. Communicates with technical staff
  10. Performs all stages of the Systems Development Life Cycle from identification of a systems analysis problem to a completed computer application
Meets with SERS users to determine processing requirements or inefficiencies. Assists in the collection of information on business processing objectives, operational needs, or inefficiencies, and utilization requirements of the request.

Analyzes information to determine if it is technically feasible and if so, prepares computer program design specifications, such as report layouts, screen layouts, input and output file requirements, special processing considerations, database changes and estimated time required to complete.

Creates new programs using Microsoft .NET development tools, coding in C#, coding in VB.NET, PL/SQL, JavaScript, Unix scripts, and creating applications in Oracles Apex framework.

Analyzes existing program logic of Oracle Tools, PL/SQL, COBOL, Java, VB.NET, C#.NET, Oracle Apex or Unix script for change requests to determine nature of the problem. Once problem is identified, modify the program(s) accordingly to correct the application problem.

Prepares test data to be used to adequately test new programs or program changes and meets with users or user management to describe testing approach and results. Provides guidance to users with user testing and obtains user approval for movement to production processing and trains user on new application implementation.

Documents new program or program changes and unit test plan. Writes or modifies procedures or operating instructions, and updates user instruction manuals.

Performs quality assurance procedures for State Employees' Retirement Information System (SERIS) data on database. These quality assurance activities include: analyze and identify the incorrect or incomplete data in the database working with users when necessary; write programs to perform the cleanup, test programs and acquire user and management approval; ensure that the data cleanup programs run successfully; notify and validate with the users that the data has been corrected.

Coordinates with Technical Services on behalf of users for problems regarding network access to SERIS, output issues, or production processing. Also, coordinates with Database Administration to set up test files, move programs to production, and resolve production problems.

Prepares special on-demand statistics and reports as requested by users or by outside organizations using SQL relational database language against SERS databases.

Assists webmaster with general administration duties and trouble shooting.

Attends meetings with users and outside organizations to represent our division as requested.

Prepares daily batch processing schedules and submits for approval on a rotating basis. Updates schedule in the scheduling tool (AppWorx), generates forecast, and confirms that forecast matches the schedule. Reviews process logs from previous day's batch processing, and resolves any discrepancies.

Performs other job related duties as needed.
You must meet the minimum experience and training for the job title which are: 

One year as an Applications Developer 1 or Computer Programmer 3; or Two years of information technology experience in applications development or applications maintenance, and an associate's degree in any information technology field; or Four years of information technology experience that includes two years of experience in applications development or applications maintenance; or A bachelor's degree in any information technology field.

Pennsylvania residency is required.

You must be eligible for selection in accordance with civil service rules.  Applicants must meet one of the following methods to be considered for this vacancy:
  1. Seniority Promotion
  2. Seniority Unit Lateral
  3. Seniority Civil Service Lists

The next lower classification(s) for promotional purposes in accordance with collective bargaining are:

  • Applications Developer 1
  • Information Technology Generalist 1 - must be performing work in the application development field in order to be considered for seniority promotion

When the collective bargaining obligation(s) have been met, then the following recruitment methods may be used:

  1. Civil Service Lists
  2. Transfer
  3. Reassignment
  4. Voluntary Demotion
  5. Reinstatement
  6. Promotion Without Exam (PWOE)
    • You must have or have held regular civil service status in one of the following classifications:
      • Applications Developer 1
      • Computer Programmer 3
      • Information Technology Generalist 1
    • You must meet meritorious service criteria defined as (a) the absence of any discipline above the level of written reprimand during the 12 months preceding the closing date of this posting, and (b) the last due overall regular or probationary performance evaluation was satisfactory or higher.
    • You must meet seniority criteria defined as a minimum of one year in the next lower class(es) by the posting close date.
The following materials must be submitted with the online application:
  • Employee performance review:  most recent regular or probationary review or indicate that one is not available
  • Memo/letter (voluntary demotion only):  indicate you will accept the appropriate reduction in pay
Applicants should apply online.  Visit  Click on the Open Jobs tile.  From the Menu in the upper left corner of the screen, select the PA Internal Job Postings link.  Open the relevant job announcement and from within the announcement, click the green Apply button.  Use the point of contact listed above if you are unable to apply online and require assistance with an alternate application method.

Failure to comply with the above application requirements will eliminate you from consideration for this position.  Please use the contact information provided for assistance.

You can track the status of current SERS openings from the Jobs page of the SERS website.