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Administrative Assistant 1

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is proud to be an equal opportunity employer supporting workplace diversity.
SALARY: $37,066.00 - $55,844.00 Annually
JOB TYPE: Civil Service Permanent Full-Time
DEPARTMENT: State Employees' Retirement System
LOCATION: Centre County
OPENING DATE: 07/21/17
CLOSING DATE: 08/04/17 11:59 PM
JOB CODE: 08210
BUREAU/DIVISION: State College Regional Counseling Center
WORKSITE ADDRESS: 2525 Green Tech Drive
CITY: State College, PA
ZIP CODE: 16803
CONTACT NAME: Katie Mathews
CONTACT PHONE: 717.783.8085

  • Work Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
  • Supervisor:  Robert Rerko
This position serves as the administrative coordinator to the SERS Regional Manager. The work involves providing a variety of technical and support services as necessary in the everyday operations of the Regional Counseling Center.


  1.  Serve as Admin Coordinator with Manager
  2.  Analyze deceased member files / Process benefit accounts
  3.  Maintain VISA account records
  4.  Maintain inventory
  5.  Coordinator for maintenance agreements
  6.  Coordinator for purchase contracts
  7.  Seek bids for contracted services
  8.  Provide monthly reports to central office
  9.  Lead worker for clerical staff
  10.  Review completed assignments
Receive death notification, stop annuity check, review and analyze the file of the deceased to determine eligible beneficiary(ies) or designated survivor based on the option election. This involves using the Document and Work Process Management (DAWPM) system and the State Employees Retirement Information System (SERIS).

Check DAWPM Library to review and analyze retirement application, beneficiary information and all other documents affecting the death benefit. Initiate research to determine the location of a beneficiary if listed address is incorrect. Determine the status of current monthly check and select appropriate letter for beneficiary, survivor or estate. Calculate either the amount payable or the overpayment in accordance with SERS Code. If there is an overpayment, establish the Invoice number on SERIS. Update DAWPM indicating the initial letter was sent. When death certificate and required information/overpayment are received, check for completion and accuracy.

Primary contact for inquiries from beneficiaries/designated survivors, attorneys, executors, etc., concerning health coverage (ACT 183), tax information and SERS policies and procedures. Assure that replies are in compliance with SERS public information policies, confidentiality requirements and SERS Code (Title 71).

Prepare and submit completed member death package to Central Office for processing. Forward all incomplete packages to Central Office when all efforts have been exhausted to obtain appropriate documentation from beneficiary(ies) or designated survivor.

Scan and index these documents into DAWPM, review and forward to BDD for further processing.

Receive member's request, research account and determine eligibility for a refund or an annuity. Inform member of rollover availability and tax consequences. Also informs member of service purchase procedures, payment methods and time frames involved.

Mail necessary forms and information to members. Send Debt Verification - Refund of Member's Contributions to agency comptroller. Scan and index refund request into DAWPM. When forms are returned, check for accuracy and completion. If necessary, send second request to agency/members for forms needed to complete package. When all necessary forms are returned and are complete, scan and index to BDD for further processing.

Function as the lead worker for clerical staff by distributing and interpreting work assignments, providing assistance, conducting on-the-job training and reviewing completed assignments, as required. Update clerical procedural binder as changes are received from Central Office, Regional Manager or by recognizing any needed changes that would increase efficiency and effectiveness of the Counseling Center operations. Develop new procedures, forms or form letters as needed.

VISA ACCOUNT: Maintain the Regional Counseling Center VISA Account utilizing the Commonwealth procurement guidelines and established procedures. Reconcile the account on a monthly basis. Research and resolve discrepancies within established time frames.

Maintain inventory of all office supplies and furniture in accordance with established guidelines. Refer to catalogs, state contracts and other sources to obtain prices, specifications and other necessary information. Utilize the appropriate purchasing method such as supplies encumbrance, miscellaneous encumbrance, general invoice, field limited purchase order, contract purchasing, warehouse purchasing or direct bidding process.

Serve as Regional Counseling Center automotive officer. Arrange for routine and non-routine service to vehicles assigned to the Regional Counseling Center. Complete and submit monthly automotive reports to Central Office within established timeframes and in accordance with established procedure.

Serve as coordinator for the Regional Counseling Center maintenance agreements and service purchase contracts in accordance with established Commonwealth procedures. Coordinate service and repairs as specified in these agreements and seeks bids for contracted services. Arrange preventive maintenance checks.

Serve as the Regional Counseling Center Training Coordinator as liaison with Counseling Center staff and Central Office.  Prepare out servicing training and Office of Administration training requests for field office staff. Follow-up with training coordinator in Central Office.

Serve as liaison with outside agencies, i.e. Social Security Administration, Office of the Aging,  PEBTF, HMO's, area estate planning councils, PSECU, deferred comp, etc. to obtain existing and/or new informational materials. Review the content of the new material and provides the Regional Counseling Center Manager with the findings.

Arrange overnight lodging for members of SERS when visiting the Regional Counseling Center. Arrange travel and lodging for out of area visits for staff of the Regional Counseling Center. Prepare all necessary documentation to secure tickets, reservations, etc. in accordance with established Commonwealth rules and regulations. Prepare travel vouchers for Regional Counseling Center staff and submits to Central Office for farther processing.

Assist Clerk Typist III in receiving visitors, answering telephones, opening and distributing mail, etc. as needed. Intervene in order to respond to non-routine inquiries or situations. Scan necessary office materials in the absence of the Clerk Typist III. Provide clerical assistance during the peak or overload periods.

Schedule appointments for manager and counselors as requested. Assist at informational programs as needed.

Compose correspondence based on the nature of the inquiry, to answer routine and non-routine retirement and annuity questions.

Perform other office related duties as assigned.
You must meet the minimum experience and training requirements for the job title which are:  Such training as may have been gained through graduation from a four year college or university or any equivalent combination of experience and training. 

Pennsylvania residency is required.

You must be eligible for selection in accordance with civil service rules.  Applicants must meet one of the following methods to be considered for this vacancy:
  1. Civil Service Lists
  2. Reinstatement
  3. Transfer
  4. Reassignment
  5. Voluntary Demotion
  6. Promotion Without Exam (PWOE)
    • You must have or have held regular civil service status in one of the following classifications:
      • Clerk Typist 3
      • Clerk Stenographer 3
      • Clerical Supervisor 1
      • Legal Assistant 1
      • Human Resource Assistant 1
      • Fiscal Assistant
    • You must meet meritorious service criteria defined as (a) the absence of any discipline above the level of written reprimand during the 12 months preceding the closing date of this posting, and (b) the last due overall regular or probationary performance evaluation was satisfactory or higher.
    • You must meet seniority criteria defined as a minimum of one year in the next lower class(es) by the posting close date.
The following materials must be submitted with the online application:
  • Employee performance review:  most recent regular or probationary review or indicate that one is not available
  • Memo/letter (voluntary demotion only):  indicate you will accept the appropriate reduction in pay
Applicants should apply online.  Visit  Click on the Open Jobs tile.  From the Menu in the upper left corner of the screen, select the PA Internal Job Postings link.  Open the relevant job announcement and from within the announcement, click the green Apply button.  Use the point of contact listed above if you are unable to apply online and require assistance with an alternate application method.

Failure to comply with the above application requirements will eliminate you from consideration for this position.  Please use the contact information provided for assistance.

You can track the status of current SERS openings from the Jobs page of the SERS website.