Job Posting
PA State Employees Retirement System
Department: 70-State Employees' Ret Sys
Organization: 704020-Budget, Procurement, and Operations Division
Job Code/Title: 86400-Administrative Officer 2
Position Number: 50280223
Announcement Number: None
County: Dauphin
Work Location: PA State Employees' Retirement System
30 North Third Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
Type of Job: Civil Service
Union: No Union Representation (Not subject to provisions of a union agreement.)
Bargaining Unit: A3
Seniority Unit:
Type Position: Permanent / Full Time
Salary Range: $46,944 - $71,394
Pay Schedule / Range: ST / ST07
Posting Length: 15 days
Posting Dates: 3/8/2017 - 3/22/2017
Contact Number: (717)783-8085 or
Work Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a one hour lunch or 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a half hour lunch.

Supervisor: Dawn Miller

Financial Disclosure: The individual appointed to this position will be required to disclose financial information consistent with provisions of the Public Official and Employee Ethics Act and the Governor's Code of Conduct.
Description of Duties:

Assist with the preparation of the agency budget for submission to the SERS Board.

Compile budgetary projections for:
- Personnel
- Operations
- Fixed assets
- Historical cost and projected budget request by major object category.

Assist with submission of the agency budget to the Office of the Budget.
- Communicate with agency bureaus to prepare the department narrative, required Program Revision Requests, and financial statements.
- Project personnel costs for the required complement summary.
- Prepare Office of Budget templates on Excel software and Office of Budget (OB) budget modules.

Use budgetary amounts included in the Governor's Executive Budget to prepare agency's annual budget for submission to the House and Senate.

Assist with the preparation and submission of the agency's re-budget.

Run reports in business warehouse and analyze data.
- Print monthly analytical reports and reconcile projections.
- Print monthly projections, project expenses, and reconcile to analytical reports.
- Print monthly spending reports, annotate posting errors, and send reports to bureau directors.

Create and use SAP reports to effectively evaluate and monitor agency's administrative fund/appropriation.

Monitor year-end budget activity for compliance.

Make spending adjustments, based on monthly spending data, using FV50.

Address and resolve budgetary concerns with appropriate program area personnel.


Manage agency procurement and contract-related expenses.

Assist agency personnel and coordinate actions with agency Legal office for the preparation of Invitation for Bid (ITB), Invitation to Qualify (ITQ), Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), and Request for Quote (RFQ). Assist in the review and ranking or proposals and the selection of vendor.

Coordinate procurement activities with Department of General Services (DGS) personnel and consistent with DGS guidelines.

Prepare purchase orders and other necessary purchasing paperwork.

Use SAP and SRM to make purchases, make payments using agency purchasing card, and reconcile invoices.

Locate supply sources for desired goods and services.

Discuss purchase requirements with program areas and advise on options.

Assist agency real estate coordinator with lease renewals, new leases, lease extensions and with resolving issues. Travel to existing and proposed lease locations for site visits.

Follow guidelines and complete tasks for contractor responsibility program. Run reports, check for duplicate entries, complete entries, close expired contracts, and contact vendors regarding payment blocks.


Compile information in response to Right to Know Law (RTKL) requests.

Contact and conduct business with outside vendors.

Assist with the coordination and reconfiguration of existing modular furniture and the procurement of new or additional furniture.
- Work with agency staff to determine if changes are necessary.
- Work with vendors to complete drawings and receive quotes for services and materials.
- Coordinate the installation and labor upon receipt of product.

Serve as back-up Building Emergency Coordinator.

Serve as back-up Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) coordinator.
- Assist with review, maintenance, and testing of COOP.
- Assist in preparation of quarterly updates.
- Assist or chair COOP meetings.
- Participate in COOP trainings.
- Update the SERS' COOP website with Office of Finance and Administration information.

Assist with administrating the agency's travel card program and generating reports.

Attend meetings related to areas of responsibility.

Complete special projects.

Perform related duties as required.
Essential Functions:
1. Data analysis of budget submissions received by bureaus and monitoring of agency spending.
2. Run reports from business warehouse and evaluate information.
3. Advise agency personnel on procurement issues.
4. Act as purchaser for SERS make purchases in SAP and SRM, complete purchase orders, draft ITB, ITQ, RFI, RFP, and RFQ.
5. Interpret and apply policies and processes both commonwealth-mandated and agency-specific.
6. Use software, applications, and programs - e.g. SAP, ESS, Microsoft applications, SRM, contract tracking system, and eMarketplace.
7. Use office equipment e.g. computer, telephone, multifunction machine, copier, fax, scanner.
8. Organize and present data for assigned areas of responsibility.
9. Travel to existing leased facilities and proposed locations for site visits.
10. Communicate effectively, orally and in writing.
Last Date Job Applications Will Be Accepted: Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Recruitment Method(s):

Applicants must meet one (or more) of the following methods(s) to be considered for this vacancy:

  • Civil Service Lists
  • Promotion Without Examination
  • Transfer
  • Reassignment
  • Voluntary Demotion
  • Reinstatement
Eligibility - all candidates
  1. Meet the minimum experience and training required for the job: One year as an Administrative Officer 1; OR three years of experience in progressively responsible and varied office management or staff work, including experience in personnel management, budgeting, or procurement; and a bachelor's degree; OR any equivalent combination of experience and training.

  2. Be a resident of Pennsylvania.

  3. Be eligible for selection in accordance with Civil Service rules.
Eligibility - Competitive Promotion Without Examination Only


  1. Have held regular civil service status in one of the following classifications:
    • Management Analyst 1
    • Program Analyst 1
    • Administrative Officer 1
    • Purchasing Agent 2

    IMPORTANT: To be considered for this vacancy, all applicants must meet the minimum experience and training requirements, including individuals holding job titles listed as next lower class under the promotion without exam option.

    Selection Criteria

  2. Minimum experience and training required for the job.
  3. Meritorious service; defined as (a) the absence of any discipline above the level of written reprimand during the 12 months preceding the closing date of the posting, and (b) the last due overall regular or probationary performance evaluation was satisfactory or higher.
  4. Seniority, defined as a minimum of one year(s) in the next lower class(es) by the posting closing date of 3/22/2017.

    Application Instructions

  5. Interested qualified applicants must submit all requested materials as specified in the "How To Apply Section". Failure to comply with the above application requirements will eliminate you from consideration for this position. Send completed application materials to the address listed in "How To Apply" section.

  6. Additional information may be obtained by calling: (717)783-8085

    This section is issued for compliance with Management Directive 580.19, Promotion in the Classified Service without Examination.

How to apply - all candidates:

The following materials must be mailed and postmarked on or before Wednesday, March 22, 2017:

  1. Completed Civil Service Application (0.40 MB)
  2. Most recent Employee Performance Review or indicate that one is not available
  3. SERS Bid Form
  4. Voluntary Demotion only: written memo/letter indicating you will accept the appropriate reduction in pay

    You can track the status of current SERS openings from the Jobs page of the SERS website.

If interested in applying by mail, please send above specified materials to:

        Mail: PA State Employees' Retirement System
        ATTN: HR/Recruitment
        30 North Third Street, Suite 150
        Harrisburg, PA 17101
        FAX: ATTN: SERS HR at 717.783.0581
        We currently DO NOT accept bid packets via email.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is an equal opportunity employer.