Service Credit

Your years of credited service determine when you qualify for a pension and are a factor in the pension formula that determines the amount of your annual benefit.

General Rule
In general, most SERS members are credited with one year of service for every 1,650 hours worked in a calendar year. If you work more than 1,650 hours you are not credited with more than one year of service. If you work less than 1,650 hours, you are credited with the fraction of a year's credit based on the hours you worked.

Notable exceptions to the general rule apply to:

If you have questions and think that any of these circumstances may apply to you, please call 1.800.633.5461.

Increase Your Service Credit
In addition to earning service credit in your current job, you may be able to increase your years of credited service - and, thus, increase your pension - by purchasing service associated with time you worked in certain other jobs.