Request an Estimate

There are a number of ways to estimate of your monthly pension payments: you can use one of the benefit calculators on this site, call our retirement counseling centers at 1.800.633.5461, or submit a Retirement Estimate Request form.

Planning for Retirement Sometime Down the Road

There are two benefit calculators on this site that allow you to generate estimates based on a number of different payment options and any future retirement date you would like:

The custom benefit calculator provides estimates based on current data pulled from your SERS member record, with the option to edit some data based on hypothetical situations. Because this calculator pulls your personal information, you need to sign into the secure online.

The generic benefit calculator provides rough estimates based on data you enter, including information about you, your state employment history, contributions you've made toward your SERS benefit, and your anticipated retirement date.

Preparing to Retire in the Next Year
If you are planning to retire within the next year or two, you will want to request an estimate from a retirement counselor. That will provide you with an opportunity to discuss specifics about your unique situation, including:

Our retirement counselors give first priority to requests for near-future retirement dates.