Out-of-State Educational Service

If you have worked as an academic administrator, teacher, or instructor for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the State System of Higher Education, Penn State, or any state-owned educational institution, you may be able to purchase credit for any non-student service you may have as an academic administrator, teacher, or instructor in any public school or public educational institution in another state or any agency or department of the United States federal government.

If you have questions about out-of-state educational service, call your retirement counselor at 1.800.633.5461.

Keep in Mind

You are welcome to purchase out-of-state educational service at any time you are an active, contributing member by paying both the employee and employer share of the purchase.

You must have state service equal to or greater than the amount of out-of-state educational service you seek to purchase.

Out-of-state educational service must be purchased in one-year increments and you can purchase up to 10 years.