Electing Multiple Service

If you have previously worked for a public education employer in Pennsylvania or have credited service with the Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS), you may be able to combine your school and state service into a single pension when you retire. This is called "multiple service."

It's possible that one annuity calculated on your total service credit from both systems will be larger than the payments you would receive from each system individually. When you elect multiple service, your pension is paid by the retirement system in which you were last an active member.

A Time-Sensitive, One-Time Opportunity

You must elect multiple service within 365 days of joining SERS. If you do not elect within the first year, you lose your opportunity to do so unless you leave state service for two weeks or more and later return. In that case, you would have 365 days from the date you re-join SERS to make the election. The election of multiple service includes purchasing any service that is required to complete the election.

Employment that May Qualify

If you ever worked in a Pennsylvania public school system or for another public education employer in Pennsylvania - such as an intermediate unit, a community college, a school associated with the State System of Higher Education, or Penn State, for example - you may already be a member of PSERS. Your work could be in any capacity: teacher, counselor, aide, administrator, physical plant manager, bus driver, cafeteria worker, or other positions.

If you worked for any of these types of organizations but did not belong to PSERS, you still may be able to purchase the service and elect multiple service.

Making the Election

To learn more or to discuss your specific situation, call your retirement counselor at 1.800.633.5461. If you choose to apply, SERS and PSERS will work together to determine your eligibility and coordinate credit, if appropriate.