Leave State Employment

When you leave state employment, whether to retire or to work elsewhere, you have a number of decisions to make regarding your SERS retirement benefit. Researching and considering all of your options before you terminate employment will give you the most time to make those important decisions, many of which cannot be changed later.

Do You Have Overdrawn Leave or Other Debts?

Contact your HR Office to see if you have any debts and work to satisfy those debts before terminating employment. Overdrawn leave, unreturned equipment or uniforms, or other debts to your employer will delay payments from your SERS benefit. In addition, the commonwealth can claim the contributions you made toward your SERS benefit and the interest earned on those contributions to satisfy any debt you have when you leave state employment.

Were You Involuntarily Terminated From Your Job?

If you successfully challenge your termination and are reinstated to state employment after receiving retirement benefit payments, you will be required to return all of those payments.

Are You Unable to Perform The Duties of Your Current Position?

If you are physically or mentally unable to perform the duties of your current position, you may be eligible for a SERS disability retirement benefit. To be considered for a SERS disability benefit, you must apply before you terminate employment.

Are You Eligible for Monthly Pension Payments?
Generally, if you became a SERS member:

No, I'm Not Eligible for Monthly Pension Payments - Now What?
You have two choices:

Yes, I'm Eligible for Monthly Pension Payments ... Now What?
You have two choices: