Leave Pay Out

Your pension benefit does not include and SERS does not provide payment for unused leave at the time of retirement. Different SERS employers handle unused leave in different ways. Contact your employer's HR office for more information.

If you are eligible for a leave pay out and would like to see if it can be rolled into your deferred comp account, first call your HR office then contact Great-West at 1.866.737.7457.

Most Common Policy

Agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction, which comprise the majority of SERS-participating employers, follow policies set forth by Governor's Office of Administration. Their website offers accurate and up-to-date information, in particular, the Absence Manual ("Payment of Quota") and Personnel Rules ("Annual Leave, Sick Leave, and Personal Leave"). Unlike your pension benefits, which are set forth in Pennsylvania law, benefits related to unused leave can be changed at any time, subject to appropriate labor relations procedures - collective bargaining agreements, for example.

The Office of the Budget also provides a calculator to help employees estimate how much a potential unused leave payment may be.

Things to Keep In Mind

Again, if you work for an agency under the Governor's jurisdiction, you must retire with the qualifying years of service and/or at the qualifying age to be eligible for a leave pay out. If you choose to leave state service but not to retire, you may no longer be eligible.

If you leave state service with negative leave balances, retirement processing may be delayed. This is also known as an "agency debt" which must be settled with your employer.

If you qualify for a leave pay out, it will not be paid until your employer receives notification of your retirement from us. We recommend that you sign your SERS retirement documents 30 to 45 days prior to your retirement date to help assure prompt payment.