Start/Change Direct Deposit

To start direct deposit of your monthly pension payments or to change the account you currently use for direct deposit, download a Direct Deposit of Pension Payments form. You will complete part I of the form and your financial institution will complete part II.

Generally, it takes about three months for new direct deposit instructions to become effective, including an electronic test transaction.

One More Paper Check

After we process your direct deposit form, you will receive at least one more paper check. The Pennsylvania Treasury will send you a paper check and an electronic test transaction to be sure your direct deposit account information is correct.

If the test transaction is not successful, Treasury will continue to send you a paper check each month until a valid direct deposit is established. If you receive three paper checks after submitting a direct deposit form, please contact SERS-Disbursements Section at 717.787.6293.

Keep Your Old Account Open

When you change your direct deposit from one account to another, keep your old account open until you successfully receive at least one direct deposit into your new account.