Change Payment Option

In most cases, the benefit payment option you selected at retirement cannot be changed. There are a few exceptions if you chose a survivor option that provides monthly payments to someone after your death (an Option 2, Option 3 or Special Option 4 with survivor payments) and:

If you chose a survivor option and you are in one of the above circumstances, you have seven years from the qualifying event to make your request to change your option. To do so, call your retirement counselor at 1.800.633.5461.

Your Monthly Payments Change

When you choose a new payment option, your benefit will be recalculated. Even If you choose the same survivor option but designate a different survivor, your benefit will be adjusted based on your age and the age of your new designated survivor. A retirement counselor can provide you with benefit estimates calculated to different payment options.

No New Selection, No Death Benefit

While there is no deadline to choose your new option, if you die before you do so, there will be no death benefit associated with your pension benefit. The only amount payable after your death will be the portion of your monthly pension for the number of days you were alive in the month you die, which will be paid to your estate.

Required Documents

You must provide documents supporting your option change request: