Appeal a SERS Decision

If you feel that a SERS decision about your pension is wrong and you have been denied a right or benefit to which you are entitled according to the retirement code, you can appeal that decision.

In general, appeals must be in writing and, as a legal process, involve strict deadlines.

Refer to the member handbook for an overview of the basic SERS retirement benefit and your rights associated with that benefit. If you have questions, contact a retirement counselor at 1.800.633.5461.

Write to Us

If you have already received a letter from us listing appeal instructions, you can skip this step and simply follow the instructions provided in your letter.

If you have not received a letter with appeal instructions, write a letter to us requesting a review of the original decision.

Your letter should include: your name; address; telephone number; the last four digits of your Social Security number; your work location, if applicable; a description of the decision you question and the facts of your situation; the names and locations of any SERS representative you have talked with as a result of your concern; and copies of any related letters and e-mails. It is important to provide as much detail and documentation as possible.

Mail your letter to:

Director of Member Services
State Employees' Retirement System
30 North 3rd Street, Suite 150
Harrisburg PA 17101-1716

Staff will review the decision and your specific situation, and send you a response.

30 Days to Appeal

If after receiving our response you still disagree with our decision; you have 30 days from the date of our reply letter to appeal the decision to the SERS Appeals Committee. Our response letter will include instructions to file an appeal.

Additional Appeal Rights

If the Appeals Committee does not rule in your favor, you have the right to appeal to the SERS Board.

Depending on the nature of your appeal, this may involve written legal arguments and an administrative hearing in Harrisburg before an independent hearing examiner. For additional information, see Important Information Regarding Appeals to the State Employees' Retirement Board (SERS-412).