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Welcome to SERS!

Established in 1923, the Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System is one of the nation's oldest and largest statewide retirement plans for public employees.  We are proud to serve you and thank you for your work to make Pennsylvania great.

New members can use this website to learn about your retirement benefit, particularly some choices you need to make when you're first hired.  Active members can run estimates to see how your retirement benefit grows as your years of service and salary change.  Members who are getting ready to retire can read about payment options and get a check list for your counseling session.  Retired members can get duplicate tax forms and click through to the Pennsylvania Employees Benefit Trust Fund - the PEBTF - for more about your health care.


Estimate your future retirement benefit or the federal tax withholding from your current annuity.

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News & Updates

Active Members: Your 2017 SERS Statement Is in the Mail
Yesterday, we mailed your 2017 statement directly from our print and mail vendor in Claysburg, PA. Your 2017 statement will also be available in your online member services account next week.

Even if you're many years away from retirement, your statement provides information that will help you understand your benefit and how it grows. Your 2017 statement details the service credit you earned, contributions you made, and interest you earned on your contributions in 2017 and over the course of your SERS membership. If you are eligible for a monthly pension, or in other words "vested" in the system, your statement will include estimates of retirement benefits calculated to several retirement options.

Please review your annual statement for accuracy and keep it with your other important financial documents.

If you do not receive your member statement by March 26, 2018, please contact a SERS Retirement Counselor at 1.800.633.5461.

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SERS Board Meeting Canceled
The SERS board meeting scheduled for Wed. March 7, 2018, has been canceled due to an expected winter storm.

SERS Releases 2018 Supplemental Budget Book
SERS has released detailed information about the fund's 2017 investment performance, member demographics, actuarial information, and employer funding projections in its 2018 Supplemental Budget Book. Key data is provided in a budget handout that includes the budget highlights, Snapshot, 2017 retirement payments by county map, and funding explanation.

Retirees: Federal Tax Changes to Your Pension Payment
For many of you, the new federal tax law enacted on 12/22/17 will impact the amount of money withheld from your monthly pension payments for federal income tax, starting with your February payment. If you have instructed us to withhold money from your pension for income tax purposes, your net February payment will be, in most cases, higher than that listed on your recently mailed annuitant statement.

Today, we mailed letters to those of you who will see a change in your monthly pension due to the federal income tax law changes. It lists the modified amount of money that will be withheld from your gross monthly pension payments for federal income tax, and the resulting net amount of your pension payments in 2018. You can also calculate the net amount of your 2018 payments using our online Federal Income Tax withholding calculator.

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