SERS is a dynamic organization that offers progressive careers in state government. The nearly 200 professionals who work here share a singular focus: serving SERS' members. Some of our professionals become experts on the benefits we provide and answer members' questions in person or over the phone. Others serve members by investing and overseeing more than $26 billion. Still others ensure that every monthly payment is made correctly and on time; account for and audit each penny; provide online information and safeguard members' data.

Employment with SERS

Employment opportunities with SERS are listed on the commonwealth’s main employment website -  Through this one website, you can navigate to opportunities across the commonwealth for new hires, current commonwealth employees, and former commonwealth employees.

Intern Program

We partner with colleges, universities, and professional organizations to provide a meaningful investment internship opportunity that allows students to earn as you learn.

Check Current Job Openings

If you are aware of or have already applied for one of SERS' open positions, we make it easy for you to check our progress toward filling the position.