About SERS Members

SERS serves more than 230,000 Pennsylvania employees and retirees. They are a dynamic and interesting group.

Retirees: Vibrant as Ever

Our retired members are active! One told us that she loved "the ability to do many meaningful things with many different people...and some not so meaningful, just fun!"

Since retiring, SERS' annuitants have earned degrees, published books and traveled the globe. There are folks who horseback ride in Montana, drive the famous Route 66, hike the Appalachian Trail, winterize camps in Alaska, help Native American tribes in Michigan, perform with the philharmonic in Philadelphia, and bike across America. Others are teaching art, mastering computers, caring for loved ones, renovating houses, walking the mall, providing English-as-a-second-language instruction, living on their own schedules, and sleeping in!

Current Employees: In Their Own Words
Current employees feel a sense of satisfaction associated with public service. They've told us that the most meaningful parts of their careers include "working with the veterans who worked so hard for our country," "striving to preserve our native environment," "protecting the commonwealth from violent offenders," "providing hands-on care and comfort to residents," "helping elderly and disabled people remain in their homes, instead of going to nursing homes," and "serving and helping people in positive ways."

Interesting Statistics

Retired Members

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